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Paradox promo-single mini-CD

Human Drain releases "Paradox" promo minicd!

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The promo-single minicd contains:
1. Audio track cd "Paradox" ( 4:05 min.)*

2. Digital mini-Book in pdf with lyrics and information

3. Promo image

4. Video with lyrics (winrar compressed), the video is recoded to mp4 so it will be easy to play for almost everyone, the video is also posted in youtube

For contact write us:

*All the material is autopromoted so... this is not a big cd made to sell or anything, it's just to show our first studio-recorded song to anyone interested.
This mini-cd is intended for pc, but is still playable as normal audio cd, In some cd-players and audio equipments the mixed cd will show 2 tracks but only the ·2 is the audio (the real content is just the second one, wich is the song).

If you want to listen/share/comment/rate the song you can also see the video in youtube:
Or hear the same track in our playlist:

Keep on rotting!